So, Who Are Some of Your Heroes? And Why?

Most of us are influenced by someone. Or several different someones. Who are some of the players or composers or artists or people or events and how were they influential?



  • I agree it can be hard to pin point just one in particular. My grandfather played a standup bass in a band that played at the bullfights and I used to go with him. 

    He showed me some stuff but the instrument was too big and my hand would get tired. I was smitten with the sound. When listening to music, the bass line is what I picked out . My grandfather was my influence to want to play bass. Carol Kaye influenced me to learn the theory behind it . Steve Bailey fooled me into thinking it was easy as long as you practiced night and day lol.

    The one who helped me believe in myself and had the greatest impact on my bassist life was John Entwistle . Thanks John 

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